SeeCare Technologies, LLC (SeeCare) is a Salt Lake, Utah based Digital Healthcare Technology company (owned by Intellectual Ventures Management, Inc. based in Seattle, WA) that is developing unique technologies for both the Primary Care and Remote Health Monitoring Markets (e.g., Health Kiosks in CVS). Using proprietary Intellectual Property (IP), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a team of industry experts, SeeCare is creating healthcare technologies that will literally save the vision of tens of thousands of people globally, and will help move the healthcare ecosystem from being reactive to proactive.

  • Retinal Health—SeeCare is currently developing a next generation, retinal imaging device for NASA and is using this core technology to develop a low cost, easy to use System specifically for the Primary Care Physician (PCP) practice. This unique closed-loop system will enable PCP’s to diagnose Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) in their many diabetic patients, and then confidently refer them to eye care specialists and bill for identifying vision related problems.DR is projected to be the leading cause of blindness globally over the next 20 years. It is growing at a rate of over 40% in the US, and 100% outside of the US. By 2020, there will be 450 million diagnosed diabetics worldwide. And, according to leading retinal specialists, Diabetic Retinopathy is completely preventable when detected and treated. There are 250,000 PCP’s in the US; SeeCare’s point of care System is reimbursable; and it creates a business model that generates $100+ million in company revenues in year five.
  • Remote Health Monitoring—SeeCare is also developing technology for the Remote Healthcare Monitoring market. Using their proprietary IP, AI and biomedical healthcare digital data, SeeCare is creating a personal health monitoring system that will provide users comprehensive personal health assessments without having to see a physician.  SeeCare will partner with companies like CVS and Walmart to place Health Kiosks in their locations (to support their focus on healthcare) and become the “portal” for a person’s overall health care management. In the future, SeeCare will also use its core technology to develop Home Health Care Monitoring systems for the Senior market (allowing seniors to stay home longer instead of going into assisted living). Overall, this segment of the business will conservatively generate $75+ million in annual revenues.

SeeCare anticipates additional revenue opportunities from the substantial amount of data they will generate from the Retinal Health and Remote Health Monitoring models and developing a retinal imaging reading center.

SeeCare was formed in early 2017 by the Invention Science Fund (ISF) of Seattle based Intellectual Ventures Management, LLC. ISF is a privately funded company that invents new technologies, incubates them and then spins them off into stand-alone businesses. SeeCare has been seed-financed by ISF; has benefitted from NASA grant funding; and is led by Robert Main—an entrepreneur and vision care veteran of over 30 years.

To learn more, contact Robert Main at bmain@seecaretech.com.